Key Points :

1-To form a network between Health Students Associations and Young Professionals inside and outside Albania.

2- Education and Health Promotion in the Community.

3- Raise Awareness for a better Healthy Lifestyle in Community.


Maya Members

• Students which study in health sciences (Medicine, Pharmacy, Public Health, Dentistry, Nursery while each department has its owns students).
• Young professionals in health sciences.


• Access information about activities, events, projects, carried out by the organization or by the organization collaborations.
• To be a Voluntary of the Association.
• Greater opportunity to be accepted when applying to activities, projects, events held by the organization and its partners.
• Running in one of the positions in the organization structure, if it meets the criteria for a specific position.
• Take into consideration the suggestions presented to and discussed by the board in order to improve the organization better.
• To vote department board.

Obligations :

• Payment of fees and dues for membership of 10 Euros per year.
• Represent the organization in a dignified manner.
• To perform tasks correctly and undertakes to conduct himself or suggested by the reflection of the group.
• Has a good spirit of cooperation in teamwork and to be positive.
• To suggest options for further development of the organization.
• To share information with various organizations that are in favor of it.